72 Names of God The Frequency of Miracles

Attune yourself with these universal forces to unleash their powers within you.

Discover Your Name of God

Based on your birth date, you have been given your own Name of God. You can use this name to draw down support for your life.

“Meditating with My Name of God is like having a secret weapon against chaos, I can finally see the correction I need to make.”

Ordin Zabek, Bali, Indonesia
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Though this formula is encoded in the literal Biblical story of the parting of the Red Sea, no rabbi, scholar, or priest was aware of the secret. It was known only to a handful of kabbalists - who also knew that when the time was right, the formula would be revealed to the world.

Source Kabbalah.com

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Create your own practices

Build and sort your custom practice of names, practice daily and experience the frequency of miracles amplify over time.

“The Name's of God are spectacular blessings. I love to meditate every morning with the names, it's bring so much order to my life.”

Giavanna Blanche, Bali, Indonesia
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