The 72 Names of God
# 1

Time travel

return to creation

How to fix the past

# 3
# 5


Meditation for yourself and others

# 6

Build a vessel to achieve a truthful dream state

Activating messages from the subconscious

# 7

DNA of the Soul

bring order into your life by connecting to your soul

Restoring to their perfect state

# 9

Angelic influences

accessing angelic network to bring order

Harnessing help from above

# 11
# 12

Unconditional Love

How to awaken love, especially when you don't want to

# 13

Heaven on Earth

Creating harmony within and without

# 14

Farewell to Arms

achieving a peaceful, nonviolent solution to a conflict

Diffusing conflict

# 15

Long-Range Vision

seeing consequences of impulsive behaviors

Seeing the effect of decisions before your make them

# 16

Dumping Depression

How to pick yourself up when you fall

# 17

Remove Ego

Breaking the limits of ego

# 18


build your vessel and spiritual DNA of fertility

When conception is difficult

# 19

Dialing God

Receiving answers to your prayers

# 20

Victory Over Addictions

Overcoming your negative self

# 21

Eradicate Plague

strength to eliminate sickness

Effecting change in the physical world

# 22

Stop Fatal Attraction

How to stop drawing the wrong people into your life

# 23

Sharing the Flame

Passing the wisdom along

# 24


remove slavery to physical matter and jealousy

Undoing chaos resulting from our jealousy before it is manifested

# 25

Speak Your Mind

For those times when you need help expressing truth

# 26

Order from Chaos

Reversing Murphy's Law

# 27

Silent Partner

become partners with the Light to create abundance in my life

Choosing positivity as your partner

# 28

Soul Mate

Attracting 'The One'

# 29

Removing Hatred

Drawing out the poison

# 30

Building bridges

reducing influence of ego builds a bridge to upper worlds

Mending broken relationships

# 31

Finish What You Start

overcoming obstacles

Finding the power to finish what you start

# 32


breaking the cycle of repetitive mistakes

Breaking the cycle

# 33

Reveal the dark side

removes self-centered nature

Removing the obstacles you create

# 34

Forget thyself

letting go of the stubborn ego

Opening up to another view

# 35

Sexual energy

connection to spirituality ignites sexual energy

How to get more from your sexual experience

# 36


conquer your fears/incapacitate panic attacks

Overcoming the ties that bind

# 37

Grasping the big picture behind our obstacles

Seeing the opportunity for good hidden in every change

# 38

Circuitry of receiving for the sake of sharing

Sharing so you can truly receive

# 39

Diamond in the rough

transform life's hardships into blessings

Turning the coal in your life into diamonds

# 40

Speaking the Right Words

Using language to make good things happen

# 41


blessing for wellness and spiritual wholeness

Finding the power to lift yourself up

# 42

Revealing the Concealed

connecting to spiritual secrets

Seeing the truth and handling it

# 43

Defying Gravity

Achieving mind over matter

# 44

Sweetening Judgment

Ducking the boomerang you send out there - stop the judgment

# 45

The Power of Prosperity

What to do when you need money

# 46

Absolute Certainty in the Light-Force of God

What to do when doubts creep in

# 47

Global Transformation Begins in Your Own Heart

Helping to bring abbout world peace

# 48

Unity through sensitivity and tolerance

When there is conflict and only togetherness will do

# 49


ask what your soul needs not what your ego wants

When you need the power to choose happiness

# 50

Enough is Never Enough

break judgments to awaken spiritual growth

When you need the passion to keep from settling for less

# 51

No Guilt

power of repentance to repair past sins

Removing negative aspects of your nature while you repair the damage

# 52


correct consciousness in prayer

Awaken the yearning in your heart

# 53

No Agenda

power of Archangel Michael and loving kindness

Giving with no strings attached

# 54

Immortality to cancel death

the death of death

When things are good and you want them to stay that way

# 55

Thought into action.

commitment to achieve goals

The power to make it happen

# 56

Dispelling Anger

Overcoming it before it overcomes you

# 57

Listen to Your Soul

Increasing the volume of the soft voice within

# 58

Letting go

drawing down the light to do battle for me

When you need the power to walk away

# 59
# 60


delivery from emotional bondage/negative patterns

Passing the test and going to the next level

# 61


physical and spiritual healing through the energy of water

Removing negativity from the source of life

# 62

Parent-Teacher, Not Preacher

live your truth by example

When you need to teach your children

# 63

Create Appreciation, Humility, and Gratitude

How to keep what you have and get more

# 64
# 65

Fear of god

knowing consequences of bad behavior

When you need to remember that there is a system and how to work it

# 66


eliminate self-pity, victim's mentality and revenge

The power to take accountability for your happiness and life

# 67

Great expectations

overcome disappointment from expectations

How to stop getting disappointed

# 68

Contacting Departed Souls

Making positive connections with people that have passed on

# 69

Lost and found

Wisdom to find and not lose sight of direction

What to do when you are lost and confused

# 70

Recognizing Design Beneath Disorder

remove blockages for financial success

Finding the solution within the problem

# 71

Prophecy and Parallel Universes

prophecy and intuition to transform consciousness

Switching your universe for a better one

# 72

Spiritual Cleansing

Purging yourself of negativity